July 13, 2023

IoT Security Foundation Announces Darron Antill of Device Authority to Join Executive Steering Board

the iot security foundation is pleased to announce that darron antill, ceo of device authority has joined its executive steering board

The IoT Security Foundation is pleased to announce that Darron Antill, Chief Executive Officer of Device Authority, has joined its Executive Steering Board.

Darron has extensive experience in leading IoT Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software, SaaS and, IT & Security based companies. Prior to his CEO role at IoT Security company Device Authority, Darron was CEO of AppSense, a software company, where he was responsible for driving the global growth of the company by entering and expanding into new markets, while delivering new and innovative products.

Prior to AppSense, Darron was CEO of leading Information Security Services company Vistorm, which was acquired by EDS. Before Vistorm, Darron was Managing Director of Ultima Business Solutions, an IT & security services company, and a Sales Director at Digital Equipment Company.

Darron’s appointment to the IoTSF ESB is a welcome addition to the organization’s leadership. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the IoT security space, and his insights and guidance will be invaluable as the IoTSF continues to work to raise the bar on IoT security.

In his advisory role, Darron will be responsible for helping to shape the IoTSF’s strategic direction, as well as providing guidance on a range of technical and policy issues. He will also be a key representative of the IoTSF to the wider industry, helping to build relationships and promote the organization’s work.

“I am excited to join the IoTSF ESB,” said Darron Antill. “The IoTSF is doing important work to raise the bar on IoT security, and I am excited to be a part of that effort. I look forward to working with the other members of the ESB to help the IoTSF achieve its goals.”

John Moor, co-founder and Managing Director of IoTSF said “We are delighted to welcome Darron to the Board. Device Authority has been a long-term supporter and contributor to our work and Darron brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the IoT cybersecurity domain. His insights and guidance will be invaluable as we continue to work to raise the bar on fit-for-purpose IoT security. I am therefore confident that Darron will be a valuable asset to the IoTSF and to the wider IoT community.”

The IoTSF ESB is a group of senior leaders from leading IoT security organizations. The ESB provides strategic guidance to the IoTSF and helps to ensure that the organization’s work is aligned with the needs of the wider IoT industry and marketplaces.

The IoTSF is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet of Things (IoT) more secure. The organization works to raise awareness of IoT security issues, advocates best practices, develops open standards and self-certification schemes, and provides an expert voice in global standards and regulatory processes. The IoTSF has a growing membership, including technology producers, system operators, research organisations, academic institutions, consultants and service providers.

For more information about the work of IoTSF, please visit our website at www.iotsecurityfoundation.org

Louise José