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Whether you’re designing a new IoT product, service or device, or if you already have IoT devices out in the field, we can help!

We’re giving you the opportunity to trial Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform with Entrust’s Cloud HSM using Microsoft Azure for 30 days.

Benefits of this integrated IoT security solution include:

  • Easy integration between an HSM and KeyScaler
  • Flexibility and ease for working with 3rdparty technologies
  • Easy to use hardware key security in cloud workloads
  • Seamless interaction with Microsoft Azure/AWS/private datacentre deployments
  • Strong root key protection and cloud security maturity
  • High security manufacturing (FIPS L2/3 etc.)
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Investing in new IoT security software is a big decision. Make sure it’s the right one by trying KeyScaler + nShield as a Service before you commit.

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