Tuesday, August 29, 2017

KeyScaler™ 5.6 has additional features that include ThingWorx Always-On protocol support and enhanced PKI Signature+.

August 29, 2017 –  LONDON, UK and FREMONT, USA - Device Authority, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announces the availability of KeyScaler™ 5.6 with additional features that include ThingWorx Always-On protocol support and enhanced PKI Signature+. Following the launch of KeyScaler 5.5 in June this year, additional and enhanced features simplify the authentication for low footprint, low-power and constrained network devices.

The enhanced PKI Signature+ authentication in the KeyScaler platform further simplifies the automated PKI provisioning and authentication for low-power devices to deliver robust IoT device identity. This includes the detection of counterfeit devices. For enhanced security, all requests and responses between the device and KeyScaler are encrypted and signed by each party which assists in avoiding issues such as cloning and impersonation.

PKI Signature+ provides automated, policy-driven PKI based authentication and crypto key management enabling strong device identity and data privacy at IoT scale. KeyScaler makes it easy for device makers to implement high assurance IoT Security for their applications.

“Recently InVMA partnered with Device Authority on a medical device project because of KeyScaler’s proven ability to secure constrained devices using PKI Signature+ and its seamless integration with PTC’s ThingWorx application platform,” said Patrick Nash, Managing Director of InVMA.

This latest software release also includes upgraded support for PTC’s ThingWorx platform Always-On protocol, to further enhance the offering to ThingWorx customers and partners. This includes data security and privacy through transparent, policy-based encryption for device applications connected to ThingWorx.

“KeyScaler supports embedded resource constrained devices such as smart meters and medical devices” said Darron Antill, CEO at Device Authority. “We are enabling our partners and customers to build comprehensive security into their IoT products even when they have low footprints”, he added.

KeyScaler version 5.6 is available from September 4th, 2017.

About Device Authority
Device Authority is the leading provider of IoT IAM. Our KeyScaler™ platform provides trust for IoT devices and the IoT ecosystem, to address the challenges of securing the Internet of Things. KeyScaler™ uses breakthrough Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology that delivers unrivalled simplicity and trust to IoT devices. This solution delivers automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management and policy based end-to-end data privacy/encryption.
With offices in Fremont, California and Bracknell, UK, Device Authority partners with the leading IoT ecosystem providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell, DigiCert, Intel, PTC and Symantec. Keep updated by visiting www.deviceauthority.com and following @DeviceAuthority on Twitter.